15 August 2010

There goes another weekend.  In total five hours spend in the garden today:

  • Harvested the remainder of the second early potatoes.  Despite them both being in potato bags the Kestral’s yielded more than the International Kidney’s
  • Got the beetroot Alto and Detroit Two out.  We completely forgot to thin them out so the Detroit Two’s were rubbish and they all went in the compost bin.  The Alto faired much better.  Being cylindrical they didn’t mind not being thinned
  • Harvested all the onions.  We always plant onions close so we get a good crop of small ones.  Interestingly the Sturon stayed small but we had an almost 100% yield.  The red onions [Red Baron] had started to rot and we probably only got 60%.  We planted three varieties in the small plot all equally spaced and the Centurions grew much larger.  Must remember this for next year as a good cropper for small spaces
  • As I mentioned in my Friday post, The Ripening, the tomatoes are ripening well but we’re seeing quite a bit of blossom end rot on the Rio Grande.  We picked Sungolds and Red Cherry which were very nice for my lunch
  • On the tidying front all the old pea plants came out along with the Russian Kale and we earthed up the leeks a bit to make sure we get good long white bodies
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