The End Is Nigh

It’s been a long cold winter but as I look out of my bedroom window towards the park opposite the evidence that spring isn’t to far away is there for all to see.  Unfortunately as I look out of the back and cast my eye over the garden it’s a depressing sight.

I have mixed feelings about winter.  The cold clear mornings are wonderful.  They make you want to get out and feel that harsh chill in your lungs.  But the seven hours of day light mean the only time I see the garden is at the weekends.  We go to work in the dark and come home in the dark.  The rare clear days are outweighed by the dull dank ones.  I find no incentive what so ever to go out in the garden and it shows.  The only trips are to feed the birds, dig parsnips from the sodden earth and grab garlic from the shed.

Last weekend saw the confluence of two amazing events happened.  The sun came out and it was a Sunday.  There was no excuse!

I took the plunge, dug out the work jeans and hoodie and made my way up the garden.  In a short four hours of pruning, digging and sweeping it actually started to look like somewhere I want to spend more time.  This is always a surprise to me.  After staring out the patio doors all winter thinking it will never be the same again it really can change.  It’s now time to start the most important task of the year…….the grand plan for the gardening year ahead.

Get yourself out those doors!!!

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