Chitting Potatoes

I frequently get asked by my colleagues at work “what’s going on in the garden?”  At this time of the year the response is quite frequently “there’s more action on the kitchen table than in the garden.”  Like a dirty student flat i have potatoes growing on my kitchen table and for once this is supposed to be happening.

This is the process of chitting.  In order to give your potatoes the best start in life you need to kick start their growth.  Take your seed potatoes and leave them out in the warm and light.  I have them in a big low sided cardboard box at standard from temperature.  Give them four to six weeks and they should have a fine set of growing tubers.  Now they’ll be perfect to plant out.

Remember, although they look the same, don’t plant potatoes you’ve bought from the supermarket.  These can often carry disease.  Buy seed potatoes from your local garden centre or from the multitude of online shops selling them at this time of year.

Finally, if you forget to buy your seed potatoes in time to chit them, the good news is you can even buy seed potatoes pre chitted now.

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