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September to do list

In southern England the days and nights are starting to get the autumnal feel.  There is a very definite chill in the morning air and night time temperatures are dipping below 10 degrees for the first time.  The to do list for this month includes:

  • Tomato Blight – keep an eye out for the tell tale brown discolouration of the stems.  At this time of the year with the rain and cooling nights (below 10 degrees) blight can be a big problem.   Check out our tomato growing guide for more help and advice
  • Spring Cabbage – Plant out.  They’re still available from garden centres to buy if you haven’t started them off yourselves
  • Garlic – it’s not time to plant but you’ll need to order the garlic you want to plant in late October November time.  If you’re going to order on line read our Gardening For Less article.  It tells you how to save the maximum amount
  • Potatoes – harvest the late main crop potatoes such as pink fir apple.  You can leave them in the ground but they become far more susceptible to blight and slug damage.  Here’s a link to our potato harvesting guide
  • Potatoes – you still have time to get the winter potatoes in the ground so they’re ready for Christmas but remember you need to be chitting them now.  Realistically you only have one more week to get them going to make Christmas
  • Preparation for 2011 – how depressing to be thinking about this but it has to be done.  You’re probably starting to see some holes appearing in the garden were you’ve been harvesting.  This gives the perfect opportunity to get some green manure growing
  • Onions – you can start planting out over wintering onion set from the middle of the month
  • Lettuce – sow winter lettuce

If I’ve missed anything leave a comments.

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